How to Shift to Coding for Decentralized Systems

Decentralized Systems

Continuing our interview with Blockchain Zoo developers, they tell us more about how a developer who codes for centralized systems can make the shift to code for decentralized systems and give their advice.

How can a developer who is used to coding for centralized systems make the shift into decentralization?

Ali: "You have to forget everything you know about centralized systems because they are kind of different from decentralized systems. So you have to forget paradigms that you have about centralized systems in order to not mix up the paradigms from the centralized systems and the blockchain systems. You have the empty your vessel. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to observe everything about blockchain." 

Andy: "Just do it. Blockchain is an impressive technology. Just get your hands dirty in it."

Ary brought this insight: "There are a lot of free source codes about blockchain on the internet, like, GitHub. Also, please keep in mind that you are developing a decentralized system. It means, for example, for authentication on a centralized system, you need to save the user data like username and password into the database server. But on a decentralized system, you don’t need to save that into the database server because the authentication is done by the client-side application."

Adhiim added: "Three main properties of blockchain you should know: the first is decentralization. If you want to interact with your friends, then you can do it directly without going through a third party. The second is transparency. You can see all the transactions from the user’s public address. The third is internal. Once something has been added to the blockchain, it can’t be changed forever."

Gung had this take: "You need to know how the blockchain technology itself works, and then you need to learn about security and cryptography because blockchain needs to be secure, right? And then the rest is the same as any other software development."

And in Ariasa’s opinion: "So the highlight point when you want to learn about blockchain, you need to understand how decentralization, crypto, peer to peer and also a consensus mechanism work."

What is your experience in becoming a blockchain developer? How was it to make a shift from centralized to decentralized systems? Share your experience with us on our Telegram group and join our Blockchain Community to connect with other blockchain developers and enthusiasts.

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